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U10 Phoenix player of the Month November 2018

U10 Phoenix player of the Month November 2018

The votes are in........

U10 Phoenix Player of the Month for November

This month has been the closest yet with 3 of you scoring close to take the title for this month, and the rest of you all getting on the scoreboard. But, you were a contender last month and you have carried on doing what you were doing impressing the parents watching you, so.... this month, player of the month goes to.......

Charlie (CJ)

Of all the players in the team you probably get it the hardest, always having to be the first there and the last to leave, never missing a training session and I’m probably harder on you with regards to behaviour, but you do love your Phoenix, you love your teammates and you always give it 110% in matches and have been one of the key players for the team this season.

Well done CJ, from your coach and your dad and keep battling.