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Aztec Coaches attend FA workshop on the England DNA

Aztec Coaches attend FA workshop on the England DNA

Three FC Aztec coaches representing U7, U8 and U9 teams and the SSE Wildcats attended a Northants FA workshop at Moulton College this week.

The event was presented by Pete Sturgess, FA Technical Lead for the Foundation Phase (ages 5-11) and focused on how the England DNA approach can be applied to the youngest players in the club to develop a lifelong love for sport in general and football specifically. The workshop was attended by over 70 coaches from around the county and comprised a presentation of the principles behind the approach, followed by a practical demonstration of some of the techniques we can use to encourage our players to be more confident on the ball as well as making their own decisions about when to hold the ball, when to pass and when to try something different.

The event was an ideal opportunity to get more information on the practical aspects of the England DNA and the support that the FA are giving grassroots clubs such as ours as well as to meet the whirlwind of enthusiasm and passion that is Pete Sturgess.
There are a wealth of resources available to coaches and parents on Hive, a collaboration platform that is free to join. Look in the links below for the Foundation Phase group.

The club are busy working on a Club Philosophy, and the England DNA will influence this to a large degree. Club Chairman, Chris Terry, said:

"Having discussed the England DNA at the Grassroots Coaching conference toward the end of last year, it is easy to relate the success of our national squads at U17 to U21 level to the new philosophy. The challenge for us today is to develop that DNA into what it means for amateur grassroots clubs like ours. Yesterday's workshop was an excellent opportunity for our coaches to learn from the man responsible for developing the foundation phase part of the philosophy and I'd like to thank the county FA for providing this opportunity.

"The club will be releasing parts of our new Ethos and Philosophy over the coming months on our Facebook and Twitter pages and also our website. The Ethos and Philosophy will bring some changes to the way we operate but will also help us communicate what the club is about and the direction the club will move in.
I'd like to encourage all parents to join Hive and read up on the National DNA, it is important for both parents and coaches to understand the philosophies in order for us all to work together to encourage the right development of our children/players."

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Published: 10 April 2018