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Cabin gets "Very Good" Food Hygiene Rating

Cabin gets "Very Good" Food Hygiene Rating

I'm sure that it will come as no surprise to anyone who has bought anything from, or helped out in our Cabin recently, but we have just been awarded the highest possible Food Hygiene rating - Very Good.

We received a visit from Kettering Borough Council today, 08 February 2019 and the inspector was very impressed with what she found. After a thorough inspection, we were awarded a rating of 5

It's a massive pat on the back for Elaine and her team of helpers for all the hours of effort they put in, not just preparing and serving the food, but maintaining the kitchen and keeping the right documentation and ensuring standards are at least met and if possible exceeded.

On and off the pitch we try as a club to keep pushing our very high standards.

Published: 08 February 2019