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Don't X the line - FA Respect campaign

Don't X the line - FA Respect campaign
Don't X the line

Saturday and Sunday, the 13th to 15th of March is Don't X the line weekend, and everyone at FC Aztec is asked to take part in this “National Respect" campaign organised by the Football Association.

Within our County, the Northamptonshire Football Association has asked all team managers to complete a short questionnaire after each match.

The questions are focussed on the behaviours of:

· Players

· Supporters

· Managers and Coaches

As well as scoring the overall enjoyment of the match, and finally a couple of other questions about the “setting up of the match”.

FC Aztec are committed to following the standards adopted as a Charter Standard Club. With everyone – “playing their part”.

We trust that all involved in this weekend and every weekend’s football activities will comply with the "Respect" guidelines and the clubs code of conduct.

This message was again reiterated during the recent Weetabix League meeting where the importance of this campaign was emphasised to all clubs and to behave in the appropriate manner.

Finally it is important to remember that without the match officials there would be no football and many of them are doing the job to give something back to the sport and ensure that future generations have an opportunity to play in our national game at grassroots level.

Yours in sport

FC Aztec

Published: 06 March 2015